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8:00am 03-22-2018
Susanne Drewicz
Correction to precious note: my Grandmother is Margaret Cadotte (not Mildred) ):
7:26am 03-22-2018
My paternal Grandmother is Mildred Cadotte. Her great great Grandfather is Francois Xavier Cadotte, son of Michel Cadotte, le Petit. Looking forward to delving into your site to learn more about my family roots and the history of the times.
3:14pm 03-05-2016
Walter Andreeff
Good to see my Great great great Grandfather Jacques Goulet on the Red River marriage list of 1829. Confirms what I know from another source.
12:53pm 10-08-2015
Kari Gavey-Davis
So thrilled to be able to gather so much of my ancestors information from you - I've been at at total loss!! You are surely a blessing!! Thank you for including the McKays/Jollineaus in your research.
6:50am 06-11-2015
Janice Gamble
Where is the 1864 census of Sault Ste. Marie? I'm sure I used this amazing resource a year ago to help people from Garden River First Nation trace their roots.
8:18pm 05-06-2015
Beth Cadotte
This site is beautiful ! Thank you for countless hours of detailed and well documented facts supporting the Cadotte line. I'm so grateful that I have a reliable source to check over facts.
7:43pm 01-18-2015
Daniel H. Benn
Very concise, well researched, well documented & illustrated website! I am very impressed & grateful!
8:14pm 10-04-2014
Irene Schofield
Realy interesting site Heather... keep up the great work.. Irene
10:50am 06-26-2014
Valerie Stroh
I too am an ancestor of Mathurin. Your website has been of great help in the everyday lives of our ancestors, thank for all you do. I'm sure you have run across this website but in case you have not:

Very interesting stuff.
6:49pm 05-11-2014
Nancy Bernard Watson
Hello Cousin Heather!! Yes, I am still at it (with the same brick walls) but have only been sporadic until retirement this past year. Are you still in the Sault? I found you because I linked up with the Mackinac Band of Chippewa...have some roots there. Stay in touch!
12:48am 03-28-2014
Stumbled in, chasing Louis Jourdain, Voyageur. What a wonderful collection of primary information in my own backyard.
8:02pm 03-10-2014
Rhonda-Lynn Robson
This is such a valuable piece of my heritage...I can hardly believe my eyes. There discovered so many names like Desjardins and Lavalle
that are in my family tree. I love learning about my family's history but even more calling these people "family".
Thank you for making available in the Internet.
March 10, 2014
5:26pm 07-15-2013
Courtney Cadotte
Thank you for your work!
6:32pm 12-06-2012
melody desjardins
i enjoyed the read very much....very interesting information..
7:22am 08-20-2012
Viola Biron
Just wanted to say thank you for posting the correct information on members of the Cadotte family. Finally was able to finish one of my lines. Thanks again, Viola
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